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Cold Spring releases lost Coil remixes of Nine Inch NailsExperimental label Cold Spring will be releasing Recoiled, a collection of several remixes by Coil of Nine Inch Nails, in January of 2014. Featuring the talents of onetime Coil member Danny Hyde and late Coil founder Peter Christopherson, these mixes were only rumored to exist until four of the tracks surfaced via a dedicated NIN forum on the downloadable collection Uncoiled. Trent Reznor, a longtime fan of Coil, had sent the original multi-tracks to Hyde and Christopherson, both independently mixing their own versions before meeting to combine their efforts. Among the five tracks included is a fuller version of “Closer,” which appeared in the opening credits to the film SE7EN.
Recoiled will be available on January 23 in a limited colored vinyl edition; preorders will begin in mid-January. It is unspecified if an official CD or digital version will ever be made available.


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