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One of the key figures in the independent cassette culture and D.I.Y. noise music during the ’80s, Minóy – the pseudonym of electronic musician Stanley Keith Bowsza – released in 1986 his tribute to Russian auteur Andrei Tarkovsky, titled In Search of Tarkovsky. Now a full decade since his death, the Cold Spring imprint is re-releasing this seminal work of audio abstraction and electronic collages, marking the first of any of Minóy’s material to ever be reissued. Constructed from shortwave radio manipulations, spring reverb experiments, and distorted vocals, along with other sounds whose sources were not always discernible, In Search of Tarkovsky was originally a cassette release of two elaborate pieces dubbed “cinema of the ear,” honoring the director’s equally complex cinematic style that defined such celebrated works as Andrei Rublev, Stalker, and especially Solaris; newly remastered from the original archive files, In Search of Tarkovsky will be released on March 13 in CD and digital formats, with three excerpt tracks available to preview via Bandcamp.


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