Jan 2018 05

Cleopatra Records announces first Eva O solo album in over a decade
One of the most celebrated and beloved figures in American goth music, Eva O will be releasing The Rise of Eva O via Cleopatra Records on January 12. According to the prominent goth/industrial label, The Rise of Eva O presents “one of Eva’s most powerful and personal musical statements of her career,” with themes revolving around the trauma of love and loss. Cleopatra also states this to be the artist’s first solo album in over 10 years, following the 2005 release of Damnation/Salvation; however, she has been releasing music under various bands and monikers for over 30 years, with her most recent being the 2014 release of Mental Mayhem, which debuted her MDX project, as well as the 2015 release of Mass for the Evil On Your Souls Destruction, created in 2010.
Pre-orders for The Rise of Eva O are now available via Bandcamp.


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