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Circle of Dust announces re-releases for 2016, appears on latest Celldweller albumCircle of Dust, the industrial/metal project fronted by Celldweller’s Klayton from 1992 to 1998, has announced that the band’s discography will be officially re-released in 2016. This follows Klayton’s recent acquirement of the rights to his first five albums, including the collaborative side project Argyle Park. Each of the re-releases will be remastered and include additional bonus content – instrumentals, remixes, dmoes, acoustic versions, and several re-recordings of material from both Circle of Dust and Argyle Park. In addition, the upcoming Celldweller album End of an Empire features a remix credited to Circle of Dust.
Circle of Dust’s original run ended in 1998 with the release of Disengage, following years of battles with the now-defunct R.E.X. record label and criticisms from the Christian community with which the label was associated. Argyle Park began in 1994 as a collaboration featuring guest appearances by Jim Thirlwell (FOETUS), Tommy Victor (PRONG), Mark Salomon (Stavesacre), Darren Diolosa (KLANK, Circle of Dust), and others; the project released Misguided in 1995. Klayton wrote and produced Misguided under various pseudonyms, including the first instance of Celldweller.
Following the dissolution of Circle of Dust, Klayton then collaborated with illusionist Criss Angel on a series of albums, first under the moniker of AngelDust with the series later re-released under the Criss Angel name. Celldweller made its debut in 2000 with a series of independent releases via before the self-titled debut in 2003.


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