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Chuck Mosley to be the subject of a documentary
Best remembered as the former vocalist for Faith No More and having left an indelible mark on modern music as a member of Bad Brains, Cement, and most recently Primitive Race, Chuck Mosley’s death on November 9, 2017 at the age of 57 left a painful void in the hearts of family, friends, and fans alike. Prior to his passing, he had agreed to be the subject of a documentary by director/musician Drew Fortier, initially conceived as a narrative on the singer and his then burgeoning comeback after a long period away from the spotlight. Thanks. And Sorry: The Chuck Mosley Movie will be produced by Mosley’s longtime friend and band mate (and babysitter) Douglas Esper, who is also currently penning a book about his time on the road and in the studio with him. He comments, “In supporting Drew, I hope to give people a glimpse into the beautiful and frustrating mind of one of the most unique, self proclaimed ‘Rock Satellites’ of all time.” Fortier and Esper have opened the project’s Facebook page to family, friends, and fans to share their experiences – photos, audio, stories, and video – of Chuck Mosley to help paint a most intimate portrait.
Mosley had initially agreed to the project by leaving Fortier a “typically irreverent” voicemail on which he performed his best impression of the villainous character of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. The two had toured together in 2017, at which time they’re discussed the framework for the documentary; “I believe everyone will be able to get something positive out of the finished project,” Fortier says, “of what will be Chuck’s film.”

Mosley had recently completed over 60 dates on his Reintroduce Yourself tour and recorded a solo record with producer Matt Wallace. His death followed less than a week following the release of Primitive Race’s sophomore album, Soul Pretender, on which he featured heavily as vocalist and co-songwriter alongside Melvins drummer Dale Crover and the core lineup of Chris Kniker, Erie Loch, and Mark Gemini Thwaite. Recently, Primitive Race had announced that all album sales throughout 2018 would be donated to MusiCares – a charity to benefit substance abuse treatments for artists battling addiction – in honor of Mosley.


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