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Chrysta Bell to release extremely limited Deluxe Box sets over three days for her fans
Having wrapped up a tour in support of her latest album, We Dissolve, ethereal dream pop singer/songwriter/actress Chrysta Bell has announced that her attentions will be focused on a special “Deluxe Box” release for her fans. Beginning on Wednesday, December 6 at 6:00pm PST, at which point Bell will give the specific details of the contents, the boxes will be offered for three days only to subscribers of her website; each box set is put together by hand and will each have their own unique contents to make them “extremely limited, premium, exclusive, and personalized.” Determined to make her fans happy, Bell states, “I’ve put so much love and care into these Deluxe Boxes and I am dying to give you all the details” The first set is limited to 10, containing Chrysta Bell’s definitive music collection, carefully curated photography, and rare memorabilia, all adorned in the fragrance of Bell’s favorite perfume. Having recently appeared in her first television role as Special Agent Tammy Preston in the highly acclaimed Twin Peaks: The Return, the second set is much more limited to a number of five, highlighting imagery, music, and other rarities related to her appearance on the program. The third Red Diamond set, also limited to five, will contain one-off items from Bell’s personal collection; “Once these gems are gone, they’re gone.” In addition to these limited box sets, Bell will be presenting some special never before offered gift collections.
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Aside from her unique and alluring stage presence and artistic visual and songwriting style, Bell is known for her long association with filmmaker/composer David Lynch, having recorded two albums and, as stated, appearing alongside Lynch in the third season of Twin Peaks. Released independently on June 16 via her own Meta Hari imprint and produced by John Parish, We Dissolve was Bell’s third solo album and featured collaborations with the likes of Geoff Downes (YES, ASIA), Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O))), KTL), and Adrian Utley (Portishead). Bell has also worked with the likes of Markus Reuter, Noel Sanger, Chase Costello, and Soul in the Machine


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