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Chrysta Bell and John Fryer release reinterpretation of Twin Peaks theme
Having joined the cast of the show’s long awaited third season, singer/actress Chrysta Bell continues her contribution to the lore of Twin Peaks with her haunting rendition of “Falling,” the vocal version of the show’s iconic theme song. Produced by the legendary John Fryer (Black Needle Noise, This Mortal Coil), the cover is now available as a free download via Chrysta Bell’s website, with the accompanying video making its permiere on Facebook. Chrysta Bell comments on the post, “Let’s show the world that this song can spread wide and far without the flashy gimmicks that other FB videos employ.” She further comments on Fryer’s involvement, “John took this song to another dimension and I simply love it.”
“Falling” was written originally by show composer Angelo Badalamenti, featuring vocals by Julee Cruise; it was featured on the show’s original soundtrack album as well as Cruise’s Floating into the Night debut (produced by Badalamenti and Lynch), while Cruise could be seen performing the song in the show’s pilot. Badalamenti received a Grammy Award in 1991 for “Best Pop Instrumental Performance.”

Chrysta Bell first began working with David Lynch in 2006 with the song “Polish Poem” on the soundtrack to his Inland Empire; the two would continue to collaborate musically, with Lynch co-writing and producing Chrysta Bell’s This Train and Somewhere In the Nowhere EP, as well as her appearance on The Music of David Lynch tribute concert. She was then cast as FBI Agent Tammy Preston in the new limited series of Twin Peaks: The Return, which made its Showtime premiere on May 21 of this year.
Producer John Fryer also has a connection to David Lynch as one of two consistent members of darkwave group This Mortal Coil, having co-produced the band’s rendition of “Song to the Siren,” which prominently appeared in Lynch’s 1997 movie Lost Highway (although the song was not included on the acclaimed soundtrack album, which featured Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, and is credited as helping to introduce Rammstein to U.S. audiences). The song “Breathless Speechless” by Fryer’s collaborative band Black Needle Noise, which features Norwegian vocalist Sivert Høyem, was written as an homage to David Lynch.


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