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Chemlab to return for ColdWaves 2018, performing iconic debut album in its entirety
It was at the first ColdWaves event in 2012 that Chemlab announced that it would once again dissolve, so it is perhaps fitting that six years later, messianic machine/rock mogul Jared Louche will once again revive the group for ColdWaves in 2018. “You can throw garbage at Jason Novak for convincing me that bringing the band back from the dead is a smart idea,” says Louche, who will once again front Chemlab with a new band lineup featuring former Dead on TV members Daniel Evans, Mike Love, and Vince McAley, along with some special onstage guests. Of the new lineup, Louche comments in his unique manner, “I wanted precision, collision, and derision behind me, so I entreated three lipstick-smeared H-Ks to rock me, Amadeus-ex-machina. I’m honored to be fueled by a clenched-fist clutch of pretty-boy thugs who rock in the kind of unbridled way you can only do when you’re supremely talented and you just don’t give a fuck.” In addition, the band will be performing in its entirety the first full-length Chemlab album, Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar, one of the iconic machine/rock albums of the ’90s, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year; “With motes of congealed light caught in our eyes, we’ll genuflect blindly at her gnarled feet by playing the whole album in order, from the first taut wires of ‘Codeine…’ straight through to the final, exultant, screaming climax embodied in ‘Summer of Hate.’ All of it.” Chemlab will be featured in all three cities of ColdWaves 2018 – New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles – with the band stating that the possibility of extra gigs is being considered.


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  1. Jared says:

    Thanks for the sex wax, you sultry thing you. Yes, this one’s going to prove that I’m not old, I’m Classic!

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