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Having made the announcement of the band’s partnership with U.K. industrial imprint Armalyte Industries earlier this year, Jared Louche has now revealed via social media the fruits of this association with the first new Chemlab album release since 2006, titled Tape Decay. While a release date has not been announced, Louche has hinted the possibility of the album’s availability at the band’s upcoming performances in September, asking of his fans, “would you be interested?” He goes on to clarify, “We might not be able to easily make them available after the shows since I don’t live in the States, so you’ve got to come to me and buy them… creepo a creepo, shall we say,” with the eminent and enigmatic front man promising to sign and number each copy. Tape Decay will be a collection of “finally unearthed and digitally rescued” cassette demos from Chemlab’s past albums – 1993’s Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar and 1996’s East Side Militia – along with unreleased material from Louche’s myriad projects, including Dogtablet, Ether of Souls, and Ultraterrestrials; Louche comments, “Some of this material may well not be released anywhere else again, and all of it presages upcoming releases for all of the bands (yes, Chemlab too), so it’s a rarity to steal for.” The full post can be read on Facebook.
Chemlab will be performing at this year’s ColdWaves VIII on Thursday, September 19, with a ColdWaves tour date happening at the Ottobar in Baltimore on September 21 with Pop Will Eat Itself and Curse Mackey; tickets are available via TicketFly.


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