May 2017 16

Chemical Sweet Kid releases fourth album, scheduled to perform at WGT2017
Chemical Sweet Kid - Addicted to AddictionFrench dark electro/industrial rock trio Chemical Sweet Kid has released its fourth album, Addicted to Addiction, on the Trisol Music Group label. The groups’ wide range of influences, from early :Wumpscut:, Suicide Commando, and Combichrist to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, combine to create an intriguing brew. Chemical Sweet Kid’s marriage of crisp, shimmering electronic elements, throbbing guitar riffs, and growling, throaty vocals eddy and flow throughout the album, sweeping the listener up in a flood of distinctive sound. Addicted to Addiction is available now on Amazon and iTunes, while the official lyric video for “Fuck the Rest” can now be viewed via Trisol Music Group’s YouTube channel.
In addition, Chemical Sweet Kid will be performing throughout Europe for the remainder of 2017, with appearances scheduled at U.K.’s InFest Festival and the legendary Wave Gave Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.



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