Aug 2018 29

Chase Dobson announces new Cellar Graves release
Denver based electro/industrial project Cellar Graves will release Omen, a collection of five new songs and remixes by Denver’s Blackcell and New York’s Statiqbloom. The project of musician, engineer, and producer Chase Dobson uses a mix of classic industrial and contemporary synthwave to create a sound with a nostalgic flavor while remaining fresh and modern. Dobson’s previous project, released two albums on Chicago’s Tympanik Audio label before going on hiatus in 2013; during the break, Dobson toured as a live sound engineer and Ableton programmer with performers including M83, Tycho, Rhianna, Logic, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West. The artist says that touring with such major acts reawakened his desire to begin create music and “really helped motivate me to create something with a musical depth beyond my earlier capabilities.” Omen will be available September 4, 2018 via Bandcamp and all major streaming services.


Chase Dobson/Cellar Graves
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Website, Facebook, Bandcamp
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