Jun 2013 10

Chamber of Echoes releases debut music video, free remixLos Angeles industrial rock band Chamber of Echoes has released the official music video for “World of SIlence.” This marks the band’s first music video, taken from the title track of the upcoming album World of Silence, Chamber of Echoes’ third release. The video was produced by UnderHaus Productions in cooperation with Chad Michael Ward and Mary Taylor, and features the band’s current lineup of Klaryssa Korolenkov, Jeffrey Myers, Xavier Mendoza, Tim Rosales III, and Christopher Brian Marin. “World of Silence” received its worldwide premier on the FEARnet cable television channel on June 5.
As well, a dubstep remix of the song “We Belong to the Night,” also from the upcoming album, is featured on the Chamber of Echoes SoundCloud. The remix was done by Pal Roy Henderson and is offered as a free download.



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