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cEvin Key and Ryan Moore form Dubcon side projectcEvin Key (Skinny Puppy, Download) and Ryan Moore (Legendary Pink Dots) have launched the new side project Dubcon. The duo already project an album for this October, titled U.F.O. Pon di Gullyside,and have released the track list. Key previously collaborated with Moore and Edward Ka-Spel on the Tear Garden project, which released its latest album in 2009. Moore also appeared on Key’s solo release tHe gHost oF eAch rOom. Dubcon marks the thirteenth musical project of cEvin Key’s participation.
The U.F.O. Pon di Gullyside track list:

  1. Outerspace
  2. Light it up
  3. First Contact
  4. Green Fire
  5. Zion Cluster
  6. Moment in Space
  7. Heliosphere
  8. Project Sign
  9. Dubbrain
  10. Farstar
  11. UFO pon de Gullyside
  12. Gone Orbital


cEvin Key (Subconscious Records) Website http://www.subconsciousrecords.com
cEvin Key Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/cEvin-Key/105608962819933
cEvin Key Twitter https://twitter.com/cEvinKey
Ryan Moore Website http://www.twilightcircus.com
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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