Feb 2014 12

Celldweller releases massive sample packIndependent hybrid electronic artist/producer Celldweller has released his debut collection of royalty free audio samples, entitled Sonix Producer Pack Vol. 01. The 1GB pack consists of 785 audio samples, performed and produced by Klayton in Celldweller Studios. Celldweller has produced the track “Sonix Vol. 01” as a demonstration of the samples in the collection, available for free download through SoundCloud. The pack is available for purchase through the Celldweller website, with free demos and samples available. Additionally, Celldweller has launched a monthly video blog, titled “Celldweller Productions,” to discuss his production process. Episode one discusses the Sonix sounds and more.

“Sonix Vol. 01” on SoundCloud

Sonix Video Blog


Celldweller Website http://www.celldweller.com
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Celldweller SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/celldweller
Celldweller Sonix Producer Pack Vol.01 http://celldweller.com/sonix
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