Jan 2013 24

CDBaby lowers digital sales commissionOnline retailer CDBaby has lowered its administrative fee from 25% to 9% – the lowest of any digital music retailer, according to the site. This decrease in commission allows the independent artists that use the site to receive more revenue for their works. “Our mission has always been to help musicians earn the most money from their music,” says CDBaby president Brian Felsen. “Towards that end, I’m excited to announce that we’ll be lowering the admin fee we take of MP3 sales on cdbaby.com to just 9% – which matches our traditional digital distribution commission.” All CDBaby digital sales are now subject to the 9% commission rate; the fee for digital sales through its retail partners (including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, and more) has been at 9% since 2004. According to the company’s press release, traditional digital music retailers pay artists up to 70% per sale, while other direct-to-fan options pay 85% or less; through CDBaby, musicians will earn 91% of every digital sale. “The 9% is effective immediately,” says Felsen. “It’s simple: Artists make more money when they sell music through CDBaby. We are the best place for artists to get their music to a worldwide market. With CDBaby, bands can give fans one convenient place to purchase CDs, vinyl, and MP3s – and earn the most money doing it!”


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Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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