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Carved Souls releases first music video from new release with Cleopatra RecordsDarkwave/synthpop act Carved Souls has announced the release of a new video for the track “Dark Reflection” from the band’s album Whispers, the group’s first release with Cleopatra Records. The song explores themes of duality and hidden motives, which the video brings to life in striking juxtapositions of erotic and horrific, control and submission, user and used, set to an analog pulse and plaintive vocals; “What better way to show hidden meaning than having another reflection,” the band comments. “The song talks about that other side, that hidden motive. Sometimes things are not what they seem.” Carved Souls will play a four date mini-tour of Mexico from August 24 through 29, along with a standalone show at Bar Sinister on September 10. Whispers is available for download now.


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