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Carbon Based Lifeforms releases first official music video
Swedish ambient duo, Carbon Based Lifeforms, has released its very first music video for the track “Accede” from the forthcoming album Derelicts. “Accede” combines VHS effects with footage of nature and a hint of technological futurism to deliver a moving, ethereal, ephemeral, and enchanting experience. Derelicts marks Carbon Based Lifeforms’ fifth album after a six year hiatus (the longest in the group’s history). Despite a plethora of adoring fans combining Carbon Based Lifeforms music with nature footage to create relaxing and enjoyable videos, “Accede” marks the duo’s first officially produced video.

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts“Accede” is more of a throwback to the band’s older albums, specifically evoking the sounds of World of Sleepers and Interloper, with a thumping beat to guide the sweeping synthetic sounds and rhythms that are the hallmarks of the Carbon Based Lifeforms sound. Derelicts will be released via Blood Music and Leftfield Records on October 6, 2017.


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