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CAN releases third music video from latest vinyl singles collection
A new full-length video for CAN’s “Vitamin C,” the third in a series of three created by Josh Graham at Suspended In Light, has been released in conjunction with the release of The Singles, a triple vinyl collection of the German avant-garde pioneers single releases. The striking minimalistic retro-futuristic video in sleek black and white picks up where the previous two – “She Brings the Rain” and “Dizzy Dizzy” – left off.
The Singles is the first time that all of the singles from the groundbreaking and constantly evolving band have been presented together. Favorites like “Halleluwah,” “Vitamin C,” “Spoon,” “Mushroom,” and UK top 40 hit “I Want More” appear alongside more obscure tracks like “Shikako Maru Ten” and “Turtles Have Short Legs,” some of which have never been released on vinyl outside of the original 7-inch singles. CAN’s unique fusion of experimental electronic, jazz, and classical has been cited as an influence by post-punk and avant-garde artists from Joy Division and Primal Scream to Bernhard Lang and Radiohead.
A book chronicling the history of the group, titled All Gates Open is set to be released as a two volume special edition in spring 2018, with volume one containing a comprehensive biography of the band and volume two a collection of thoughts, interviews, and visuals. The Singles is available now through Spoon Records.


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