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CAN founding member to release new solo album
Irmin Schmidt has announced the release of 5 Klavierstücke, his first solo release since the 2015 Electro Violet collection. A founding member of influential avant-garde rock group CAN, Schmidt’s album features five piano pieces, which he describes as “spontaneous meditations, only played once and recorded simultaneously – no edits or corrections.” Recorded and produced by Gareth Jones, each of the five pieces feature Schmidt performing on his two grand pianos, one partly prepared in a style informed by the experiments of John Cage, and the other unprepared, with all ambient sounds recorded on site at the South of France studio without any electronic accompaniment or other instrumentation.

5 Klavierstücke will be released on November 16 via Mute Records in conjunction with Schmidt’s own Spoon Records, coinciding with this year’s Braunschweig International Film Festival, which includes a retrospective of Schmidt’s soundtrack work. The album will be available in CD, digital, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders now available via the Mute webstore.
In addition, two of Schmidt’s new compositions, written in collaboration with Gregor Schwellenbach, will be showcased at Braunschweig in November and at the Volksbühne in Berlin in December. The first piece, titled “CAN Dialog,” features motifs from CAN, while the second, “Filmmusiken” is an orchestration of several of Schmidt’s soundtracks.


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