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Irmin Schmidt, best known as a founding member of influential avant-garde rock group CAN, has announced the release of Villa Wunderbar, a vinyl collection of his solo and soundtrack work. Containing a total of 31 tracks, the box set contains four vinyl albums – the first two focusing on his three-decade-long solo career, the second two on his compositions for film and television, selected by and featuring extensive sleeve notes by renowned auteur and longterm collaborator Wim Wenders; previously available only on CD, this new edition is updated to include Schmidt’s 2018 album Klavierstücke V, as well as remixes of two CAN tracks. Villa Wunderbar will be released on November 22 via Mute – in association with Schmidt’s own Spoon imprint – on clear vinyl in quantities limited to 1,000 copies worldwide; pre-orders are now available via the Mute website.

In addition, Schmidt will be performing three rare live dates in winter – the first of these dates takes place on November 21 at Huddersfield Contemporary Festival in the U.K., during which the artist will premiere two previously unheard compositions, as well as “Klavierstück II” from Klavierstücke V. The second date takes place on Devember 11 in Nantes, France, and the third on January 25 in Glasgow, Scotland.


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