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Album CoverMute Records has announced that the label will be releasing the Chance Versus Causality motion picture soundtrack created by pioneering industrial/post-punk act Cabaret Voltaire in 1979. This marks the first time the soundtrack will be officially available since the film’s release, with a release date of August 30 in CD and digital formats, along with a limited edition transparent green vinyl. Cabaret Voltaire was asked by director Babeth Mondini to create the soundtrack for Chance Versus Causlity after having met the band at the Plan K show in Brussels, which also included Joy Division and William Burroughs; employing the group’s aesthetic of “less rhythm, more tape” and creating live “ambient sets,” the original band lineup of Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder, and Chris Watson created the soundtrack at Western Works studio with no instruction from Mondini or any viewing of the film. Up until now, only a portion of the soundtrack had been made available as a B-side to the 7-Inch Silent Command release in 1979 on the Rough Trade label; as well, the only copy of the full soundtrack to exist was on two reels of tape sent to Holland for the split-screen 16mm feature – only given a limited released, and never actually seen by the band. The master tapes for Chance Versus Causality were returned to the band and archived around 2004, with this new Mute release digitally mixed by Richard H. Kirk with Phil Wolstenholme and featuring artwork created with archival and found imagery from that period.

Album CoverAlso due for release on August 30 via Mute will be the first ever vinyl release of 1974-76, a selection of material recorded during Cabaret Voltaire’s formative years. Recorded in Chris Watson’s attic on a reel-to-reel tape recorder, 1974-76 was originally released only on cassette via Industrial Records in 1980; the album was given a CD release in 1992 via Mute’s The Grey Area of Mute division, with this new edition to be available in digital format and a limited edition transparent orange double-vinyl set. Pre-orders for the two releases are now available via the Mute Records webstore.
Cabaret Voltaire had operated initially from 1973 to 1994, with Chris Watson departing from the band in 1981; Watson went onto found The Hafler Trio, while Richard H. Kirk and Stephen Mallinder continued Cabaret Voltaire with a more commercial direction that deviated from the more experimental and industrial sounds that had defined the band up to that point. The last album to feature Mallinder was 1991’s Body and Soul, followed by a series of instrumental works before he and Kirk dissolved the band. Having revived the moniker in 2014 for an appearance at the Berlin Atonal festival, Kirk remains the sole original member of the band and is currently working on a new Cabaret Voltaire album.


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