May 2013 15

Brüderschaft returns with new track, new EPA decade after the release of the debut single Forever, electronic music collective Brüderschaft has returned with the track “Falling” through Alfa Matrix. The song features Haujobb’s Daniel Myer on vocals and production. Brüderschaft began as the brainchild of DJ Rexx Arkana, who created the track “Forever” as a tribute to his father’s fight with cancer, in collaboration with Sebastian Komor, Ronan Harris, Stephan Leopard Groth, and Joakim Montelius. The project has since collaborated with artists such as Tom Shear, Daniel Graves, Stefan Netschio, Johann Sebastian, Clint Carney, and more. Later this year, Brüderschaft will release the long-awaited EP Return. “Falling” is available via the Alfa Matrix Bandcamp at a name-your-price level. Additionally, the collective’s original 26-track release Forever is available at a special discount price at the label Bandcamp. Half of all proceeds from the band’s sales go to various cancer research and treatment organizations. Brüderschaft will perform at Wave Gotik Treffen this year.




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