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Brian Eno announces rare and unreleased materialLegendary composer and musician Brian Eno will release four discs of rare and unreleased material through All Saints Records on December 1. The albums – expanded editions of Nerve Net, The Shutov AssemblyNeroli, and The Drop – will be released as double-disc sets containing the original album as well as an additional disc of unreleased and rare Eno work specific to each record.
Nerve Net includes the first ever commercial release of legendary lost Eno album My Squelchy Life, while The Shutov Assembly features an album’s worth of unreleased recordings from the same period; Neroli includes an entire unreleased hour-long Eno ambient work titled “New Space Music,” and The Drop includes nine rarely heard tracks from the Eno archives.
Brian Eno is regarded as one of the principle innovators of ambient music and what would come to be known as the no-wave genre, with nearly 30 albums and five Grammy awards. His collaborations include David Bowie, Roxy Music, Devo, U2, Genesis, and more.


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