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Both established composers and innovators of ambient electronic music and having a long history as collaborators and solo artists, the Eno brothers have announced the release of their first album as a duo, titled Mixing Colours. Created through the exchange of MIDI files, with Brian and Roger Eno manipulating each other’s performances, the album draws primarily on Roger’s compositional skills and Brian’s sound design. “Nearly all of the work on this album was done on trains,” states Brian of the creative process, calling the sound perfect for this mode of transportation experienced through his computer and headphones; from this working environment, Brian Eno has taken the album into the visual format with fellow musician and software designer Peter Chilvers with a series of short films to be made available digitally over the coming months; Eno acts as the producer and director, with the videos “representing another aspect of the creative exchange at the heart of the project.” The first of these videos is “Celeste,” with each video’s imagery utilizing shifts in contrast and tonal shades to mirror the colors referenced in all but one of the album’s 18 song titles. Mixing Colours is due for release on March 20 via the classical music imprint Deutsche Grammophon in digital, CD, and two-LP gatefold vinyl formats; pre-orders are available via the label’s webstore and the EnoShop.


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