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Boyd Rice/NON News 2012Boyd Rice/NON will release a new album, Back to Mono, on November 6 through Mute Records. Back to Mono is a return to Boyd Rice’s noise roots, consisting of new releases and unreleased tracks from the ’70s, along with a cover of Mute’s first release “Warm Leatherette” by The Normal. “I was doing sample-based music about a decade before the advent of samplers, when everyone else was using bass, guitars, keyboards, and drums,” explains Rice. “It has been said that I invented the first sampler. Perhaps I did. At the time I called it the N.M.U. (or noise manipulation unit). It allowed me to essentially sample numerous tracks of noise and mold them into rudimentary rhythms. This was my principle instrument for a good many years and can be heard in the late ’70s archival recordings on Back to Mono.”


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Mute Records Facebook http://www.facebook.com/muterecords
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