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Box set chronicling Tangerine Dream's "Virgin years" announced
Electronic music innovators Tangerine Dream will release a massive eight-CD boxed set of the group’s most ionic material on June 14. In Search of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973-1979 includes newly remastered CD and digital editions of seven full albums plus previously unreleased bonus material. The ultra deluxe edition includes an additional eight CDs and two Blu-Rays featuring previously unreleased content; among them are the surviving footage of the group’s BBC concert at Coventry Cathedral, the full German television documentary Signale aus der Schwäbischen Strasse with live performances and interviews, and surround sound versions of the 1974 Phaedra, Ricochet from 1975. and the full soundtrack to Oedipus Tyrannus, all mixed by musician/producer Steven Wilson. Also included is a 68 page hardback book containing new essays and sleeve notes written by Dutch writer Wouter Bessels and including quotes from Tangerine Dream members Edgar Froese and Steve Joliffe and Steven Wilson. The ultra deluxe set also features a limited edition reproduction of the original promotional poster for Ricochet. Both versions are available for pre-order via RecordStore and uDiscover
One of the most venerated bands in the realm of electronic music, Tangerine Dream was founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese; with the best known lineup during the ’70s featuring the likes of Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann, the band went on to revolutionize the use of synthesizers, sequencers, and digital technology, exploring styles that bridged progressive rock sensibilities with exploratory sound design. The band’s productivity and influence has endured for more than five decades, touching on virtually every style of electronic music from dance to ambient, with the group also creating soundtracks for such films as William Friedkin’s 1977 thriller Sorceror, Michael Mann’s 1981 crime drama Thief, the 1983 coming-of-age comedy Risky Business, Ridley Scott’s 1985 fantasy epic Legend, and Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 vampire horror film Near Dark. Froese died of a pulmonary embolism in 2015, with Tangerine Dream continuing with the lineup of Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, and Ulrich Schnauss.


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