Oct 2018 29

Borghesia releases new album, announces two Slovenian shows
Slovenian electro/rock act Borghesia has released its thirteenth album, titled Proti Kapitulaciji, which translates to ‘Against Capitulation.’ Released via Moonlee Records on October 23, the album is available in CD, digital, and double 12-inch vinyl formats. Founding members Dario Seraval and Aldo Ivančič were inspired by Modernist poet Srečko Kosovel, who during his short life as an adherent of unrestricted technological change, grew into an ardent leftist critic of European politics. The digital edition is available via Bandcamp as a “name your price” item.

In addition, the band is performing two shows to promote the album; the first takes place on October 30 in Kranj at the Prešernovo Gledališče Kranj, while the second will be on November 2 at the Stara Mestna Elektrarna in Ljubljana.


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