Jun 2014 02

Borghesia announces first album in nearly two decadesSlovenian electronic/rock act Borghesia will release And Man Created God through Metropolis Records on August 12. Featuring nine tracks on two sides, this marks Borghesia’s first new release since 1995 when the band separated, having reformed in 2009. The vinyl edition of And Man Created God will be limited to 300 copies. Founded in 1982, Borghesia is considered one of the founding acts of electronic body music; alongside fellow Slovenians Laibach, the band has been widely known for its confrontational style and lyrics, with the new album following in that tradition. “A bad system was replaced by a worse one,” says the band. “The rich have been stealing from the poor since the dawn of human race. Today these dimensions have become absurd: capital, money making money, has become a new deity. Money, this new age golden calf. Money. We’ve all ended up being good consumers. One should fight a system which does not work for the benefit of people.”


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Metropolis Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MetropolisRecords
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