Oct 2018 25

Bong-Ra releases and tours for latest doom jazz album
One of the breakcore scene’s most pioneering figures, Rotterdam’s Bong-Ra continues his exploration into new creative territories with his new album, Antediluvian, released on October 23 via Svart Lava Records. On this record, the artist joins forces with longtime collaborator Balázs Pándi on drums to present a more drastic blend of doom laden electronics and dark jazz textures, with themes resonating around past civilizations. With the album now available, Bong-Ra is currently conducting the first of his Antediluvian tour, which began on October 24 and continues until October 28 with dates in Belgium, Estonia, and Russia; further dates are being planned and will be announced soon.

Founded by Jason Köhnen in 1997, Bong-Ra has gone onto become one of the most experimentally diverse artists in underground electronic music, infusing elements of metal, jazz, IDM, jungle, rave, and reggae/dub. Besides an extensive solo discography across such international genre labels as Hydrophonic, Soothsayer, Supertracks, and Djax-X-Beats, he has also collaborated with the likes of Hecate, Igorrr, and Author & Punisher. Köhnen has also been a member of the bands Wormskull, Voodoom, and Köhnen Pándi duo with MC Mike Redman and the aforementioned Balázs Pándi, as well as in Death Storm with Kouzan Shuu – a.k.a. Maruosa.


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