Aug 2013 13

Bluegrass/roots artist announces tribute to My Bloody ValentineKenny Feinstein, front man for Portland based roots/bluegrass/punk act Water Tower, will release his tribute album to Irish alt. rock band My Bloody Valentine on September 17 through Fluff & Gravy Records. The album, titled Loveless: Hurts To Love, pays tribute to My Bloody Valentine’s second studio album Loveless, released in 1991. Feinstein’s tribute features covers of 11 tracks from Loveless, as well as the track “Swallow” from the Tremolo EP. “This record is not just a Loveless cover, it is a different planet in the same galaxy,” says Feinstein. “The goal was to play along on acoustic guitar with the record and have whatever part I created work perfectly with the original album. I then realized I needed to share this with the world to help everyone understand this album.” A video for “What You Want” has been released to YouTube.


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