Jan 2013 24

Blue Stahli releases new album, gives away new mash-up, featured in hit TV showIt’s been an eventful week for FiXT Music act Blue Stahli: The electro/rock artist recently unveiled his newest album, Antisleep Vol. 3, through FiXT Music and iTunes. In correlation with the release, Blue Stahli released a mash-up track for free download, smashing together his own track “Atom Smasher” and Swedish electronic act Fever Ray’s “The Wolf.” “Since the songs on Antisleep Vol. 03 are all instrumental, I had to satisfy my craving for doing vocals in some capacity,” says Blue Stahli regarding the track. “Fever Ray is one my favorite artists and the aim was to have this weird union be something to soundtrack whatever strange rituals you’re compelled to perform out in the woods (provided you still have an iPod handy). If you find your eyes rolling back into your head, your body shaking uncontrollably, and you begin speaking in tongues when listening… that’s totally normal. Just let it happen.”
In additional news, Blue Stahli’s new track “Takedown” recently appeared in the hit FX television show American Horror Story.


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