Mar 2015 25

Black Sun Productions releases all-star tribute to Bertolt BrechtBlack Sun Productions, in association with Rustblade, will be releasing on May 11 a tribute to German poet/playwright Bertolt Brecht, titled OperettAmorale. The 11 track collection includes an all-star cast of contributors, including Lydia Lunch, Coil (featuring one of the last studio performances by late vocalist Johnn Balance), and a vocal cameo and cover artwork by late surrealist H.R. Giger. Other musical partipants include Julian Kent of Antony and the Johnsons and Larsen’s Marco Schiavo.
OperettAmorale will be available in a colored double vinyl, with an exclusive cover and poster by Giger, limited to 499 copies. A deluxe box set limited to 69 copies will also be released, featuring a bonus CD-r of exclusive tracks and a metal pin, plus a special silver poster by Giger.
Pre-orders are now available via Rustblade.


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