May 2019 15

Ben Basic releases industrial horror music video
Ben Basic - DustOakland based solo artist Ben Basic releases his own vision of industrial horror with the music video for the track “Dust.” Eerily melodic yet dissonant, Basic creates his sound primarily on a blend of drum loops and smart guitar pedal effects, drawing heavily on the influence of such innovative guitarists as U2’s The Edge and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, the song evoking a vibe not dissimilar to Nine Inch Nails. The video for “Dust,” directed by Basic’s former band mate Robin More of Plus M Productions, offers a stark yet bloody visual accompaniment representative of Basic’s minimalist style – seeking “to close the divide between high budget live production and D.I.Y. shows through creative use of music technologies.”

Not restricting himself to a single genre, Ben Basic has released music in the realms of country, hard rock, shoegaze, and more. He has worked as a stagehand in San Francisco for a number of large scale concerts for such high profile acts as Metallica, Brian Wilson, and Tom Petty.


Ben Basic
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