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Bazillion Points Books reissues Eerie Von photography bookEerie Von’s photographic masterpiece, MISERY OBSCURA: The Photography of Eerie Von (1981-2009) has been reissued. The unofficial Misfits photographer and founding member of Samhain and Danzig documents the bands from the early days of the Misfits to Danzig stadium shows. The new 160 page hardcover edition of the monumental early 2000s tome features hundreds of newly recalibrated color photographs and includes a lobby card signed by Eerie Von. The text has been rebuilt from the ground up, featuring forewords by Mike D’Antonio (Killswitch Engage and Overcast) and Lyle Preslar (Minor Threat). MISERY OBSCURA: The Photography of Eerie Von (1981-2009) is available exclusively through Bazillion Points Books.


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