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Baltimore artists Athena Hiotis and Nina Themelis team up to create inspirational video
Athena HiotisBaltimore based artist, composer, and producer Athena Hiotis (RÊVE, PopRiot Music Group) has collaborated with childhood friend and fellow artist Nina Themelis to create an inspirational concept video, “Unbreakable:Our Story.” Themelis says that she was excited to work on the project “because of how frequently our culture perpetuates the idea of women working in competition with one another. It was important to work on something with strangers, or mild acquaintances, where the unifying thread was how we empower ourselves and each other.” Creative director and visual artist Tré, who also appears in the video, adds that, “Support is always important; we can’t expect others to support us if we don’t make an effort to support each other. Today, women support women because now we can, and now we must.”
The video features a diverse group of women sharing personal, often powerful, affirmations and stories, set to the song “Unbreakable,” written by Hiotis and Ian Kaine MacGregor (ex-23RainyDays); a bouncy, synthpop anthem, which delivers an unapologetic message of strength and resilience in a catchy, danceable wrapper. Per Hiotis, the only rule for the stories was that, “They had to be positive in the syntax. Words like ‘can’t,’ ‘don’t,’ ‘I’m not’ were not allowed.”
The video of “Unbreakable:Our Story” premiered on Huffington Post and is available to view now on YouTube, while the song “Unbreakable” is available on iTunes and Apple music.


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