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Ayreon reveals lyric video from latest sci-fi prog/metal opus
Ayreon 2017Returning to the sci-fi conceptual backdrop that has defined much of his career, progressive/metal artist Arjen Lucassen – a.k.a. Ayreon – has unveiled the music video for “Run! Apocalypse! Run!” from his latest album, The Source. Set six-billion years in the past relative to Earth, The Source follows the efforts of the Alphans – a race of human ancestors – to escape destruction from a massive artificial intelligence, known as The Frame. The video was created by Wayne Joyner (art director for ProgPower USA) and showcases the album’s sci-fi visual style, with Lucassen commenting on the song, “Oh yessss… time for some good old speedy proggy metal!” In the usual Ayreon fashion, The Source features a wide range of guest vocalists performing multiple character roles, with “Run! Apocalypse Run!” sung by Tommy Karevik (Kamelot), Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian), Michael Mills (Toehider), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia), Nils K. Rue (Pagan’s Mind), and James LaBrie (Dream Theater). Other guest musicians on the album include guitarists Guthrie Govan (ASIA, Steven Wilson) and Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), and keyboardist Mark Kelly (Marillion). The Source was released on April 28 via Music Theories.
In addition, The Ayreon Universe will be performing three exclusive sold-out live shows in September, showcasing the best of the project’s 20 years of music.


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