Nov 2014 24

Author & Punisher announces mini-tourIndustrial doom act Author & Punisher has announced a 10-day West Coast U.S. tour, beginning December 3. “There are four reasons to come check out this Author & Punisher tour,” says Tristan Shone. “First, I will be playing mostly new material fresh from the studio with Philip H. Anselmo. Second, this tour will be painful as all hell, as I drag out a combination of both old and new Drone Machines that I literally have to climb over to get in and out of and will likely ruin me and the underpaid slaves I employ. Third, I will have the double LP of the 2010 album (out on Seventh Rule) on hand with me in the flesh with the machines themselves for the first time. Finally, in what has become a staple of an Author & Punisher show, Cutmod (Will Michaelsen) will be flashing his visual wares in full high count lumens as he has with me for the last two years.”
Author & Punisher is currently recording the follow-up to 2013’s Women & Children through Housecore Recordings.


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