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After launching an IndieGoGo campaign in late 2018, Arizona goth/rock band Audra has broken a silence of 10 years to announce the release of its fourth album, Dear Tired Friends. Once a fixture of the Projekt Records roster, this album not only marks Audra’s first release since 2009’s Everything Changes, but also the band’s foray into D.I.Y. production and distribution; the band commented, “This is a labor of love and often doesn’t yield any type of financial return. We create music because we love to – and as cliche as it may sound, we have to.” The album features 10 original tracks, with founding Helm brothers Bret and Bart joined by drummer Jason DeWolfe Barton; Lycia’s Mike VanPortfleet appearing on “Planet Of Me,” while the first single, “Wish No Harm” is now available to stream on Bandcamp. Now available for pre-order, Dear Tired Friends will be released digitally on August 23, with CD editions limited to 300, and black vinyl editions limited to 100.


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