Oct 2014 10

Atari Teenage Riot releases new EPAtari Teenage Riot has released its newest EP, Modern Liars, through Amazon UK, Bandcamp, and BitTorrent. The EP features the title track remixed by artists Andrew Weatherall, Klaxons, and Fuck Buttons. ATR released the video for “Modern Liars” in September. “We used the imagery of like – we call it digital Maoism,” says Alec Empire, “the thing where you feel like all the creative people are being totally exploited; authors, writers, filmmakers, photographers. It’s like the machinery takes all this stuff and doesn’t really give enough back to make it fun. Basically what looked like a progressive and exciting future has become almost like stagnation now. So we tried to criticise that with the video.”
Modern Liars features the current band lineup of Alec Empire, Nic Endo, and British rapper/producer Rowdy SS.



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