Jun 2018 25

Assemblage 23 front man announces new project and album with Mari Kattman
Tom Shear, the electro/EBM mastermind behind Assemblage 23, has announced the release of a new project with vocalist Mari Kattman, titled Helix. Building on the pair’s numerous collaborations over the last five years, Helix takes on a different, more genre-defying approach from their respective bands, with an emphasis on Kattman’s organic vocal harmonies. With elements of trip-hop, synthpop, and lo-fi electronics, the music Helix presents on the upcoming Twin debut album is eerily textured and full of distant melodies and darkly seductive atmospheres. The album is due for release on August 24 via Metropolis Records; pre-orders for Twin, along with T-shirts and stickers are available via the Assemblage 23 webstore.

Kattman released her latest solo album, Stay Up, in February of this year, now available to purchase via Bandcamp. Assemblage 23 will be performing at this year’s ColdWaves event in Los Angeles on September 28; further information can be found on the ColdWaves website.


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