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Ashton Nyte, front man for South African goth/rock group The Awakening, has announced that he will be supporting Wayne Hussey on the European leg of his upcoming Salad Daze Tour. “It will be absolutely wondering touring with Wayne again,” Nyte says, having shared the stage with Hussey several times in the past, commenting that he has been a constant artistic inspiration and stating that “The Mission were a significant influence on the genesis of The Awakening.” Similarly, Hussey goes on to say that Nyte’s participation in the tour is a “huge pleasure,” he and Nyte having “remained friends and supporters of each other’s work.” He concludes, “It’ll be great to have him along for the ride. Bring your driving license, Ashton, you can share the driving – there’s an awful lot of it.” With the Salad Daze Tour beginning on August 26 in Nuneaton, Nyte’s tenure will run 30 dates – from September 3 in Krefeld until October 16 in Nuremberg – with stops throughout mainland Europe including Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, and Hungary; Nyte will not be appearing on the dates in Sweden and Greece. Both Hussey and Nyte were featured collaborators on Michael Ciravolo’s Beauty in Chaos collective, appearing on the project’s Finding Beauty in Chaos debut album released in September 2018. Fellow Beauty in Chaos alumni Evi Vine will also be supporting Hussey on the tour, mainly on the U.K. dates in August and subequent October and November dates, including Stockholm, Sweden on November 8. A full listing of tour dates can be found on each artist’s websites.
The tour follows the publication of Hussey’s Salad Daze autobiography, released on May 23 by Omnibus Press. The book chronicles Hussey’s life from childhood to his time in The Mission, with each chapter accompanied by a specially curated playlist of artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, Suicide, Radiohead, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and more – these playlists are available via Hussey’s YouTube channel and Spotify. The book is available to purchase via The Mission’s webstore. Vine’s tenure on the tour will also be in support of her Black Light White Dark album, released on February 22.


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