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Ascension of the Watchers announces PledgeMusic campaign for new album
Ascension of the Watchers, the ambient/post-punk band featuring Burton C. Bell and John Bechdel, returns after an absence of 10 years to create its second full-length album, Stormcrow. The band, rounded out by Eduardo Mussi and Jayce Lewis, will create the record in Northstone Studio in South Wales, a modern analog recording studio built by Lewis; the band states that “The quiet setting is sequestered from day to day distractions, allowing more time for creativity…” Based on the writings from the ancient Book of Enoch in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Stormcrow relays a concept of the fallen angels – The Watchers – and their pleas for forgiveness from God, their one true love, with the album’s tracks acting as “prayers for redemption with hope that they may ascend back into the heavens.”

To help create the album, Ascension of the Watchers has launched a PledgeMusic campaign, with perks including signed CDs and vinyl pressings of the record, along with hand written lyric sheets, instruments used by the band, and more. In addition, those who pledge will be granted access to video updates, pictures, and previews from the studio to witness the creative process behind Stormcrow. A music video for the track “Ghost Heart” is also offered among the rewards, created by Brazilian director Victor Hugo-Borges, who was also behind the band’s previous video “Residual Presence.”
Bell (best known as the vocalist for Fear Factory) and Bechdel (MINISTRY, Fear Factory, Killing Joke, PRONG, etc.) first formed Ascension of the Watchers in 2002, self-releasing the Iconoclast demo and EP in 2002 and 2006, respectively. Mussi (Still Life Decay) joined the band in 2005, with the band subsequently releasing the highly acclaimed full-length albumNuminosum in 2008. Most recently, the band performed in Los Angeles as part of the ColdWaves event in a configuration that included Bell and Lewis joined by bassist Tony Baumeister and guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite.


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