Jun 2016 28

Artoffact remasters renowned Remix Wars series for vinyl re-release
Toronto’s Artoffact Records is re-releasing three entries of the Remix Wars series on vinyl. The storied ’90s project consisted of two artists remixing each other’s tracks. released jointly as split albums – Strike 1: :wumpscut: vs. Haujobb, Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs. Die Krupps, and Strike 3: 16volt vs. Hate Dept.
Each of the fully authorized remasters consists of three tracks by each artist and feature recreations of the original album art, down to the silver foil logos. The records also include an essay on the collection’s influence by Sharon Kyronfive, a former employee of 21st Circuitry – the company that originally released and pioneered the Remix Wars concept in 1996; the series would later be released on such labels as Cleopatra, Off-Beat, and Metropolis before ending in 1999.
Samples of all three Remix Wars are available on the Artoffact SoundCloud, while pre-orders for the vinyl series are available via Storming the Base.




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