Mar 2014 28

Artoffact Records releases box set from Rational YouthArtoffact Records will release a five-LP box set from Canadian new wave/synthpop band Rational Youth. Cold War Night Life: Recordings 1981-84 highlights the bulk of the band’s original run with nearly 60 tracks across five vinyl albums. According to sources, Kevin Komoda found two Rational Youth live cassettes as well as a box full of Rational Youth negatives and other memorabilia. Initially intended to be released as a cassette-only limited edition collector’s item, news of these live tapes quickly spread and sparked a renewed interest in Rational Youth, with the limited edition cassette release soon transforming into a thee-CD set with rarities on Artoffact Records, and now the five-LP box set.
Founded by Tracy Howe, Rational Youth was primarily active between 1981 and 1986, and has since made sporadic reunion appearances and single releases over the years. The band’s biggest hit was in 1982 with “Dancing on the Berlin Wall,” which is featured on the first LP. Artoffact released Rational Youth’s Live Winnipeg and Live Ottawa last year.


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