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Artoffact Records to release two Psyche/Rational Youth vinylsArtoffact Records will release two Psyche and Rational Youth collaboration vinyl releases: the shared cover and B-side Thunderstruck/Underrated, and the extremely limited edition of Psyche’s Suspicion featuring Kevin Komoda of Rational Youth.
Thunderstruck/Underrated comes from the Rational Youth reunion in Sweden on April 30, 2014, supported by Darrin C Huss of Psyche, when the band covered the AC/DC classic track as an encore, with “Underrated” being an original track by Kevin Komoda, Gaenor Howe, and Psyche. The vinyl comes in three limited edition formats, including shot-glass clear (100 copies), “Can I Come Again, Please?’ white (150 copies), and “Texas Cheeseburger Cheese” orange (250 copies). Ordering through Artoffact provides one of each color, in a special AC/DC styled sleeve. The vinyl will be released on November 25.
Suspicion provides the tracks “Suspicion” and “What Sorrow Cannot Say” on 7″ vinyl, a first time release of the 1989 New Life Magazine


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Suspicion Storming the Base
Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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