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Artoffact Records reissues legendary new wave group Images In Vogue
The first reissues of new wave pioneers Images In Vogue’s music through Artoffact Records, the Incipience series, is now available for pre-order. The Vancouver based early electronic group, where cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy and Don Gordon of Numb got their start, formed in 1981, receiving national and international attention and winning a CASBY award for single of the year in 1986 for “In The House,” before disbanding in 1991.
Studio Tracks 81-82 is a collection of the first ever recordings of Kevin Crompton (Key), and vocalist Dale Martindale, including early demos and a lost, previously unreleased first album on red vinyl. Pre-Release/Educated Man, available in both black and clear vinyl pressing, features Image In Vogue’s self-produced, independantly released limited edition EPs. Pre-Release (June 1982, 500 copies) and Educated Man (October 1982, 1,000 copies) were the first for the group as well as individual members Key, Gordon, Martindale, and Joe Vizvary. Extended Play Redux, which is available in green vinyl, is an expanded remaster of the group’s self-titled major label debut featuring the top 30 single “Lust for Love” and remixes and B-sides from the Lust for Love and Just Like You 7-inch singles. Live at LuvAFair is a previously unreleased live recording of the group’s October 6, 1982 performance at Vancouver’s Luv-A-Fair club, specially mastered for vinyl and pressed on blue.
The limited edition colored vinyl albums are available individually, as a boxed set including all four colored LPs, download codes and a bonus insert in a box designed by the band, or as an extremely limited “Super Fan Pack” of test pressings with only five to be produced. All versions are expected to be released January 12, 2018. Pre-orders can be found on Storming the Base.


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