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Hailing from London and now based in Los Angeles, industrial/rock act Drownd has released the second of three planned EPs in 2019, titled Stay Away. Releasing on August 6, the EP’s three tracks “further develop and exploit the contrasts between ambient, industrial/rock, and metal,” showcasing the band’s abrasive sound as each track written, recorded, mixed, produced, and performed entirely by Joe Crudgington. With mastering and post-production by the eminent Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media, the Stay Away EP is now available digitally via Armalyte Industries.

Having signed to the prominent U.K. label earlier this year, Crudgington states of his association with Armalyte, “they still allow me to be as bizarre and creative as I was, but they are just another massive branch of support and I hugely appreciate this and can’t wait to see what happens.” The Stay Away EP follows Sick Like You, released in April, and is the second of three planned EPs that will eventually culminate in a full-length album. Drownd was also most recently featured on the latest release from iconic industrial/metal band Cubanate, remixing the title track “Kolossus.”


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