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Apocalyptica founding member to release solo albumMax Lilja, one of the original founding members of Finnish classical/metal band Apocalyptica, has announced the upcoming release of his solo album, titled Morphosis. Written entirely on the cello during a series of jam sessions, Lilja states of the album, “When I record, I’m balancing in between the possibilities of the instrument added with the electronics and the challenges of doing it all on cello.” He continues, “I really enjoy going deep into the sonic possibilities, tweaking the knobs of analog effect devices and finding the perfect sounds for all the parts of the arrangements.” As well on the album, Lilja utilized a variety of alternate tuning methods, “A possibility that is sadly very commonly ignored.”
Morphosis will be released on April 10 via Fluttery Records, with plans to tour Finland throughout April, and a U.S. appearance at the New Directions Cello Festival in Ithaca, NY to take place on June 12.
After his departure from Apocalyptica in 2000, Lilja joined the Finnish National Opera Orchestra, performed in metal band Hevein, folk-pop band Tekijä Tuntematon, and toured and recorded with former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen. He released his first solo album, Play Electronic by One Cello, in 2013.


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