Sep 2017 22

Angelspit unveils details of "tough as f*ck" seventh album
Angelspit - Black Dog BiteMoving away from the dance music influences of 2016’s Cult of Fake, electro/punk act Angelspit returns to a heavier, more aggressively industrial sound with the upcoming seventh album, titled Black Dog Bite. Band leader Zoog Von Rock states that the album is “tough as fuck,” with lyrics that are political as well as personal in trademark Angelspit fashion; he states, “I want you to see the sonic detail of the razor-blades as they slash you. I want you to hear the sounds being torn apart, bit-crushed, frequency tortured, and splintered – as if it’s blood is being splattered.” Drawing on the gritty cyberpunk sound of the early ’90s, the 12 track album may prove to be Angelspit’s most densely produced and harshly well defined efforts yet. Funded via Kickstarter, Black Dog Bite will be released on October 17 in CD and MP3 formats, and will be Angelspit’s first album produced on vinyl. Pre-orders for Black Dog Bite are available via the band’s Kickstarter and Etsy pages.


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