Apr 2016 10

Angelspit successfully crowdfunds sixth album, plans US tour and music videoElectro/punk act Angelspit has announced a release date of June 6 for the band’s sixth studio album, Cult of Fake. Successfully funded within 24 hours via a Kickstarter crowdfund campaign, Cult of Fake marks the tenth anniversary of the band’s full-length debut album, Krankhaus. Stretch goals for the campaign include a tour of the USA, with front man ZooG Von Rock stating, “It was awesome to make contact with so many supporters during last year’s tour. We have some pretty cool plans this year and the success of the crowd funding will help make them happen.” Of Cult of Fake, which follows 2014’s The Product and Von Rock’s 2015 Hardcore Pong collaboration with Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles, Von Rock remarks on the album’s greater focus on dance music and EBM/EDM, “I’ve applied dance music production to Angelspit’s sound and I believe this is Angelspit’s best album to date – it’s got a harsh industrial skeleton with a smooth skin graft… this will DESTROY!”
The Cult of Fake Kickstarter campaign ends on May 4. In addition, Angelspit is currently hosting a contest for fans to contribute video to appear in an upcoming music video, with a deadline of April 25 for submissions.



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